Advising Network

This unique network brings together individualized, one-on-one advising and mentoring specific to the technical and business area of your startup.

The network brings the investment community to campus as advisors to the Texas Innovation Center leadership team and to UT startups in building long-term, sustaining relationships for helping to understand the current state of the market and competitive landscape in assisting a startup to develop and pivot. This also allows the investment community to learn about the current innovative research occurring on campus.

We connect experienced alumni with UT entrepreneurs who can relate personal narratives and grounded business advice.

Friends of the Texas Innovation Center

Dan Artusi

Nick Barnard
Gerson Lehrman Group

Rush Bartlett
Lansinoh Laboratories

Stoney Barton

Sara Brand
True Wealth Ventures

Kyle Cox
ATP Fund

David Dorsey
Osage University Partners

Jim Graham
Research Bridge Partners

Ryan Hatcher
Lockheed Martin

Nikos Iatropoulos
Kairos Ventures

Gus Johnson
UT System, Horizon Fund

Andrea Kalmans
Lontra Ventures

Christine Mei
Gathered Foods Corporation

Martina Welkhoff
WXR Fund