What You Need to Keep the Books, with Marisela Bateman, CPA, MBA

November 11
1-2 PM (CST)

The aim of this workshop is to cover the key accounting essentials you should have at hand when running a business, including managing cash flow, reading through your financial reports and government requirements.

CEO and Founder Marisela Bateman (CPA, MBA) has been specializing in system implementations, providing outstanding accounting services and serving as a DCAA compliance expert for businesses nationwide since 2011. She is continuously obtaining new system certifications and stays on the cutting edge of new technology.  

With her extensive experience in accounting system analysis, conversions, integrations and compliance in GAAP accounting and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR),  Marisela is ready to tackle any challenges that may arise.

Her client-facing roles range from serving as CFO to Systems Consultant by providing financial management expertise to new and established businesses in the areas of financial analysis, budget preparation, creation of accounting policies and procedures, ad hoc reporting, development and restructure of indirect rates, cap table management, incurred cost proposal preparation, pricing, cost proposal review and assistance, and corporate tax strategies. 
Internally, she serves as a mentor and manager to senior level staff accountants and CPAs while overseeing all company operations.