What starts here changes the world. Below are just a few examples of world-changing technologies that the Texas Innovation Center works with.

Advanced/Alternative Energy

Carbon neutral biocrude oil produced from natural waste

Prevents lithium-ion battery fires by eliminating flammable gases released during day-to-day use
PIs: DK Ezekoye and Buddie Mullins

Lithium extraction, recovery, and refinery technology to efficiently extract and aggregate lithium elements from salt brines
PI: Benny Freeman

Battery technology that offers superior performance, a more secure supply chain and easy integration with current technologies
PI: Ram Manthiram

Advanced Materials

Innovative nanocomposite membrane technology that enables the next generation of high temperature fuel cells
PI: Delia Milliron

Elevated infant essentials for today’s modern parents; anti-microbial nano-particles used to produce baby bottles and other home goods
PI: Lydia Contreras


Aperiam Bio
Enzyme constructs algorithmically optimized for expression in modal organisms
PI: Andy Ellington

Advanced microfluidic devices for high-throughput and high-content screening of small animal models and 3D tissue organoids
PI: Adela Ben-Yakar


Advanced and affordable robotic solutions for defense, manufacturing and logistics
PI: Luis Sentis

Harmonic Bionics
Redefining neurorehabilitation with intelligent robotic technology designed to maximize patient recovery
PI: Ashish Deshpande

Health Care

At home, monthly STD testing that offers results quickly, privately and affordably

Technologies that provide real-time diagnostic information to health care providers, at the point of care
PI: Livia S. Eberlin

Sensors, Instruments and Displays

Fourth Wall
Brighter, more efficient pixel displays with higher color quality and a more realistic view for the virtual reality industry
PI: Ananth Dodabalapur

Light-enabled technologies to create faster, smaller, lower-powered components for interference free, limitless device connectivity and distributed computation
PI: Sriram Vishwanath

A revolutionary touch-less gesture-based user interface that uses inaudible sound from speakers to control computers and smartphones
PI: Lili Qiu

Lantha Sensors
Hyper-accurate handheld chemical analysis offering the lowest priced, fastest and most customizable chemical analysis tools in the world
PI: Simon Humphrey

Data Analysis/Decision Support

Symmetry Systems
Unified access control for data across an enterprise, granting companies full visibility and control over the data in their storage services
PI: Mohit Tiwari

Katana Graph
The next generation of graph computing that scales horizontally to 100s-1000s of machines, providing efficient computation over unstructured data at unprecedented scale and performance
PIs: Keshav Pingali and Chris Rossbach

Educational Technology

Mind mapping, timeline and presentation software designed to see and present history in a new way
PI: Erika Bsumek

Paleo Games
A board game based on an actual fossil site that teaches how fossils form in a collaborative and competitive experience
PI: Rowan Martindale

Agribusiness/Food Technology

Bbq for the 21st century; new technology for the agricultural revolution to recreate meats like brisket, jerky and steak
PI: Janet Zoldan

Consumer Goods

Pocket Punch
Provides empowerment, safety and peace of mind through innovative, multifunctional self defense tools