UT Companies

What starts here changes the world. Below are just a few examples of world-changing technologies that the Texas Innovation Center works with.

Advanced Materials/Alternative Energy

Carbon neutral biocrude oil produced from natural waste

Prevents lithium-ion battery fires by eliminating flammable gases released during day-to-day use
PIs: DK Ezekoye and Buddie Mullins

Innovative nanocomposite membrane technology that enables the next generation of high temperature fuel cells
PI: Delia Milliron

Lithium extraction, recovery and refinery technology to efficiently extract and aggregate lithium elements from salt brines
PI: Benny Freeman

La Luce Cristallina
Developing high-performance Si photonic materials to enhance data bandwidth of integrated photonic components used in optical devices
PI: Alex Demkov

Oxymoron Ink
Semi-permanent tattoo inks designed to last 6, 12 or 18 months after application, made using FDA-approved materials
PI: Nicholas Peppas

Battery technology that offers superior performance, a more secure supply chain and easy integration with current technologies
PI: Arumugam Manthiram

Zeus Wild
An energy-storage fabric that provides sustainable off-grid power for lighting and electronics
PI: Jonathan Chen


Aperiam Bio
Next-generation enzymes in food and health care using proprietary deep learning algorithms that understand biochemistry
PI: Andy Ellington

Advanced microfluidic devices for high-throughput and high-content screening of small animal models and 3D tissue organoids
PI: Adela Ben-Yakar

Data Analytics and Software

Autonomous strategic decision-making in adversarial environments
PI: Ufuk Topcu

Katana Graph
The next generation of graph computing that scales horizontally to 100s-1000s of machines, providing efficient computation over unstructured data at unprecedented scale and performance
PIs: Keshav Pingali and Chris Rossbach

Watertight CAD models in their native environment; advanced modeling for direct downstream use to analyze, manufacture, display or animate straight from CAD
PI: Richard Crawford

Symmetry Systems
Unified access control for data across an enterprise, granting companies full visibility and control over the data in their storage services
PI: Mohit Tiwari

Veridise specializes in security analysis and auditing of programs that run on the blockchain.
PI: Isil Dillig, Yu Feng, Jon Stephens, Yanju Chen


Advanced and affordable robotic solutions for defense, manufacturing and logistics
PI: Luis Sentis

Harmonic Bionics
Redefining neurorehabilitation with intelligent robotic technology designed to maximize patient recovery
PI: Ashish Deshpande

Pike Robotics
Robotic oil/gas tank inspection system
PI: Mitch Pryor

Health Care

Accessible, affordable, at-home STD diagnostics for Women

A monitoring system that detects the presence of bowel perforations during laparoscopic surgery, allowing immediate repair and therefore improving patient safety and outcome
PI: Tanya Hutter

Longhorn Life Sciences
Developing needs-driven solutions to improve patient experience and outcomes; “Infection Detective” enables early and objective detection of post-operative surgical site infections

Loop Medical Innovations
Enabling the future of respiratory health monitoring through better spirometry solutions

Educational Technology

Mind mapping, timeline and presentation software designed to see and present history in a new way
PI: Erika Bsumek

Agribusiness/Food Technology

The leader in whole-cut cultivated meat to produce a slaughter-free meat product for the U.S. and Korean BBQ markets
PI: Janet Zoldan

Sensors, Instruments and Displays

A revolutionary touch-less gesture-based user interface that uses inaudible sound from speakers to control smartphones, tablets, computers and large consumer electronics
PI: Lili Qiu

Light-enabled technologies to create faster, smaller, lower-powered components for interference free, limitless device connectivity and distributed computation
PI: Sriram Vishwanath

Lantha Sensors
Hyper-accurate handheld chemical analysis offering the lowest priced, fastest and most customizable chemical analysis tools in the world
PI: Simon Humphrey

Locus Lock
Dual-antenna, triple-frequency front-end board and real-time software for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)
PI: Todd Humphreys

Romanak Environmental Services Ltd. Co
An innovative “process-based” method for environmental monitoring and assessing potential leakage at carbon capture and storage sites across the globe
PI: Katherine Romanak

Tau Systems
A compact particle accelerator technology focused on highly ubiquitous plasma-based accelerator solutions to power the next wave in global R&D
PI: Bjorn M. Hegelich

Consumer Goods

Elevated infant essentials for today’s modern parents; anti-microbial nano-particles used to produce baby bottles and other home goods
PI: Lydia Contreras

Snarr3D Inc.
Introducing the world’s first 3D printed high-performance putter and iron shafts with innovative, customizable aesthetics