COVID-19 Technologies, Devices, and Research Projects

The Texas Innovation Center is currently focused on working with faculty members and researchers across UT on technologies, devices and solutions related to the coronavirus pandemic. To partner, contact us at


Automated Bag Breathing Unit (ABBU)

Lead Researcher: Thomas Milner, biomedical engineering
The ABBU is a novel ventilator-like device that allows for synchronous mechanical ventilation in rhythm with patient breathing. ABBU can be utilized to fill gaps when conventional ventilators are not readily available. ABBU uses inexpensive, widely available parts and materials, including a windshield wiper motor, which powers a caster wheel that pushes on the AMBU bag to deliver oxygen to the patient. Five potentiometers allow the user to control the respiration rate, the volume of oxygen delivered to the patient for each breath, time duration of the breath delivered, the maximum pressure and a sensitivity threshold to detect patient breathing. Learn more

UT COVID-19 Modeling Consortium

Lead Researcher: Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers, integrative biology and statistics and data sciences
The UT COVID-19 Modeling Consortium unites scientists, social scientists and engineers in developing innovative models that advance the surveillance, forecasting and mitigation of this unprecedented and elusive threat. The consortium is actively supporting community workers and health professionals on the front line of the fight against COVID-19 and providing decision-support analyses for local, state and national leaders striving to protect the health and well-being of our society. Learn more

ClioVis: Visualizing Connections

Lead Researcher: Dr. Erika Bsumek, history
ClioVis is a remote learning technology and unique visualization tool that helps users gain a deeper understanding of the connections at play across different time periods or processes. Users can conduct and cite primary or secondary source research, collaborate and chat in real-time with peers, categorize events and justify connections for fostering higher-level thinking skills. Learn more