The Texas Innovation Center provides funding for faculty and students to help move ideas and concepts forward for commercial viability. This ranges from exploring product feasibility to conducting market discovery for understanding customer demands to developing a proof-of-concept derived from a class project or lab research.

For Faculty

Innovation Grants are part of the Texas Innovation Center’s resources for helping UT College of Natural Sciences and Cockrell School of Engineering faculty better prepare their technologies and discoveries for commercialization. They are designed to move forward pioneering research, translate it into impactful business ventures, and close the funding gap between research and commercialization.

Innovation Grants enable projects with well-defined milestones to overcome hurdles, move toward the marketplace, and aim to help source other funding to continue creating a company.

Award amounts range from $5,000 to $25,000.

Deadline to apply is OCTOber 30, 2023

For Students

These awards support College of Natural Sciences, Cockrell School of Engineering, and McCombs School of Business students who want to explore entrepreneurship and advance the commercial viability of projects derived from a class or research lab work or from your own inspiration.

With the help of the Texas Innovation Center, students are provided with resources such as funding, mentoring and programming to develop their entrepreneurial skills and endeavors.

Deadline to apply is OCTOber 30, 2023