Launch Texas event stage

From events and workshops to office hours and classes, we offer a variety of programming to members of our UT Austin community and elsewhere.


Our event lineup has included fireside chats with CEOs and CTOs, office hours with commercialization experts and workshops with the pros.

Upcoming Events

Texas Biodesign

Texas Biodesign is a nine-week intensive workshop designed to help faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, clinicians and MBA/MSTC students utilize the biodesign process for assessing and innovating commercial opportunities.

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Launch Texas

Launch Texas is jointly led by the Cockrell School’s Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics and UT’s Texas Innovation Center with a focus on creating, fostering and bringing awareness to the space technology ecosystem in Austin. This comprehensive program integrates world-class technical and entrepreneurial education, fundamental and applied space research and outreach in a collaborative environment.

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